Best Massage and Physiotherapy Clinic 2014 Cambridge

We here at Tri City Physiotherapy want to thank our patients and the city of cambridge for nominating us for the 2014 Readers Choice Awards for Best Massage and Best Physiotherapy clinic in Cambridge. It has been a great honour treating patients and helping everyone achieve their best personal health over the past year. Being nominated is the first step and we appreciate that.  The next step is to vote for us when the section publishes in the cambridge times. The section publishes on September 25th to all of Cambridge and rurals including Ayr!  When the section publishes the voting begins for one week  September 25-October 3rd at Simply visit the website and create a log in to cast your votes.  There are other fine clinics that have been nominated as...

Can Physiotherapy Help Avoid Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery?

The shoulder requires alot of mobility to function which can make it unstable and prone to injuries. Overtime, this amount of mobility can lead to muscle and tendon injuries named rotator cuff tears. Rotator cuff tears are common and thousands of surgeries are performed to repair them every year. Despite emerging techniques, many of these surgeries continue to have high failure rates and although many factors are associated with these rates, rehabilitation has been advocated as a first line of defense by many to avoid surgery. Physiotherapy for Rotator Cuff Tears A recent study published in the

Sponsoring Local Athletics – Soccer

headerPreventative action has always been a philosophy that we hold and try to teach all our clients.  If you happen to injure yourself playing athletics, or at work, or even at home.  We help you get better and teach you ways to prevent the injury from happening again. Tri City Physiotherapy is proud to support local athletics. We believe that donating to and sponsoring local athletic teams and organizations allow more people to stay or start being active and keep people healthy.  Hopefully not needing our services. Our latest team sponsor is a soccer team in the Tri City Mens Soccer League (TMSL) Premier division.   The TMSL is a Men's Recreational Soccer League that operates in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge areas. The league runs from May to September of each season.    The...